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SAS Business Intelligence & Analytics Program and qns for data analytics

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Default SAS Business Intelligence & Analytics Program and qns for data analytics

Hi all, usually I'm lurking but since I have an urgent question, I decided to make an account to ask. So to start off, anyone working in/familiar with data analytics/data science willing to give me some career advice? I received a offer from SAS Analytics for their Business Analytics training program (4 month school training + 6 month attachment with a partner company doing analytics) but I'm wondering if I should accept it. I have consulted a few friends on this issue with varying answers but I'd be happy to hear from you guys with experience in this field!

Some context: I just graduated with very good honours and am interested to work in the analytics industry (instead of working as a conventional engineer role which I major in) but I know my Python/R skills are rather lacking compared to my peers studying in more relevant degrees and with good analytics internship experiences (which I lack). This is due to lack of proper planning in my early years of uni and I didn't think that I would like this field until I researched/self-studied more about it after graduation. Hence, I haven't been getting into any interviews (just one as an energy analyst). Honestly even if I get an interview, not sure how well will I fare in their technical tests as well. With regards to the SAS BIA program, the pay during the 10 month training program is significantly lower than an entry level data analyst in a decent company, I can accept that but I'm also not sure the pay would be more in line with an entry level analyst role after the 10 month program (we get to re-negotiate the contract with the partner company or move on to other companies).

Besides the pay, I'm more concerned about whether SAS would become a bit too obsolete in a few years as my own research and my friends have shared that many companies no longer use SAS due to its disadvantages - not open source, functionality not as updated/powerful as Python/R who have many new updates and contributors, too expensive and many tech companies are no longer using it. So just kind of worried about the prospects and whether it's possible to jump to other companies that doesn't use SAS in the future even if I try to study Python/R on my own. However if I accept, there's a benefit of me putting my foot into the analytics industry which would otherwise be hard to do as an engineer? I kinda have this long term plan of doing SAS analyst role in a pharmaceutical company as I have interned in the industry before and I know the industry still heavily uses SAS, I'm not sure how realistic is this plan though.

Currently, my options are to (1) accept it, learn SAS via the training program and continue to self-learn Python/R on my own or (2) keep on applying for other roles, continue self-studying Python/R full time in the hopes that another company will contact me? I'm not sure how realistic is that though as I know competition is intense and there's many people who have a strong skillset/resume compared to me who can only try to take some basic courses online/offline. Are there other companies out there willing to take fresh grads with really little experience? Another option is to (3) apply for internships for data related roles (but my career coach says that it's quite difficult as I have already graduated). Any advice is greatly appreciated and feel free to ask any questions/PM me as well!

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Any update on your choice?

To me, I think the SAS programme would give you an 'experience' dealing with analytics (and that is a plus since as you mentioned, you didn't have much relevant experience).

Although SAS may not be as relevant (I heard DBS still uses it though for their bagip program), the knowledge is transferable. Scripting in SAS or python could be easily picked up since you already had the knowledge of how things work (regression, ML etc)

Would like to hear what did you choose

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Default Response

The SAS BIA Program is a way to enter the data market if you do not have any prior experience but watch out because it is the data market that I am talking about instead of the the analytics market. If you learn SAS or go for a job scope that heavily uses SAS, you won't get to do the fancy things like machine learning that everyone is so hyped up on. SAS is generally a database tool and is mainly used to do reporting work.

Nonetheless, it is still experience in the data market so it depends on how much you want it. This could be a springboard. Currently, they are having difficulty recruiting people due to the multitude of other better analytics programs springing up. Their syllabus has also not been revised since 8 years ago at the start of the program. This program used to be be good. But I think with good honours, there are other analytics programs to consider.

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