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Advice needed (Business Analytics)

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Old 08-03-2015, 02:56 PM
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Default Advice needed (Business Analytics)

Hi all,

I am currently in a dilemma whether to take up the new Business Analytics course (NUS's SoC) as I feel that it seems like a promising degree with the hype on big data and its versatility in various industries (Finance, IT, healthcare etc). However, I am afraid that the hype on big data is short term and would eventually die down.

Or should I take the safer option and enrol in Business (NTU, NBS) and choose my specialization on Business Analytics on my 2nd year? A business degree from NBS sounds like a safer bet as compared to the relatively new Business Analytics course at NUS. However, NUS’s BA modules has more computing modules which should better prepare me for a job working with large data. The 2 routes have their cons and pros which puts me in a dilemma on what to choose.

There’s a last (and safest IMO) option which is to take up Aerospace Engineering at NTU. Aerospace engineering is my interest but I am afraid the career as an Engineer is rather dull...

The majority of people in the forums seems to be working adults with lots of experiences in different industries. Hope that someone can provide me with valuable advice and thanks in advance!

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Old 08-03-2015, 04:51 PM
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do what interest you and do well in it. don't worry too much about jobs. they will come when you are recognised for doing what you do well. aerospace is a HUGE industry.

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Old 23-03-2015, 02:38 AM
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If u want to build a career in data analytics or big data, do a double degree in statistics and computing instead. I believe the business analytics course tried to mix too many modules from biz, stats and cs into the curriculum. You will be much better off focusing on the technical aspect which is stats and cs. There is a reason y most data scientist r phd holder. It's a highly technical job, so focus on building the core foundation. Business acumen can wait.

N Don't waste ur time with a business degree. It is not a safe bet, there r too many biz deg and what they learnt are too fluffy. Let me just quote what my prof think about biz degree - "why would anyone spend 4 years to learn nothing?"

Anyways, whether it is overhyped or not I do not know, but Singapore is certainly very well positioned as a data analytics hub. We have the infrastructure capabilities, we r well placed to gain access to the south east Asia market. N there is a drive towards big data in both the private and public sector. Data explosion and the move towards evidence based decision making is certainly fueling this drive.

N even if is indeed overhyped, the underlying skill u possess such as statistics and comp sci will still open up decent opportunities in the more 'traditional' area such as statisticians, computer scientist etc.

So, my advise is do a double deg in stat and cs. U will be highly sought after.

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