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IX Wallet - passive income for storing bitcoin 9%-20%

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Default IX Wallet - passive income for storing bitcoin 9%-20%

I am not the admin and not the owner of the project. All information is taken from the project site. The topic was created for the purpose of informing and is not a call to action.
Hello, Dear users. I would like to bring to your attention a new project IX Wallet - this is a cryptocurrency wallet that allows you to receive passive income simply for keeping your money there! (from 9% to 20%)
This is a new, secure crypto account with ZERO COMMISSIONS for withdrawal and deposit of funds.
Start date 10.05.2019

View / Register

If you have Bitcoin, it doesn’t matter just that you have it, or you use Bitcoin, now you can receive passive income from storing bitcoin on the IX Wallet while enjoying all the advantages of sending and receiving payments without fees and at a high level of security!

The team of the creators of the IX Wallet wallet are professionals in the field of cryptobusiness, which were previously found in such projects as Binanace, BNCEX and Stratis.

The company lives at the expense of the profit gained from the activities of another project that has been successfully operating so far + IX Wallet created an automated bot that deals with arbitration (scanning quotes (prices) for various cryptocurrencies and then buying at a lower price and selling at a higher price) . A bot built on a neural network is therefore capable of self-learning. Thanks to this, all IX Wallet users have the opportunity to make money on the Internet using cryptocurrency every day. You will receive your profit in IX Token - this is a special cryptocurrency created by developers. The creators of IX Token created a coin in a fixed amount of 10 million, as well as the initial price of $ 1. This token will not be released on other exchanges in order to avoid speculation regarding its price. Also, after you exchange your IX token for dollars, it immediately burns down without the possibility of subsequent recovery. That is, in the end, the developers want to leave only 1 million available tokens out of 10 million. The company predicts that over time, the price of the token will rise to $ 100. Now a token cent has long passed the dollar.

What offers IX Wallet - passive earnings every day on cryptocurrency. Depending on your amount, which you keep on your wallet, you will receive a percentage:
1) If your amount is 0.015 - 0.1 BTC = 0.3% per day (9% per month)
2) If your amount is 0.1 - 0.5 BTC = 0.4% per day (12% per month)
3) If your amount is 0.5 - 1.85 BTC = 0.5% per day (15% per month)
4) If your amount is 1.85 - ∞ BTC = 0.6% per day (18% per month)

In addition, there is an additional percentage for not touching the body of your deposit within 30 days - + 1% to profit, if the body of the deposit does not touch 60 days + 2.5% to profit and so on every next 30 days.

Accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash
The minimum deposit is 0.015 BTC
Minimum withdrawal - $ 1
Payment schedule - instantly

The most important thing is that you can at any time withdraw your deposit, at any time, it does not freeze. But there is a percentage for the withdrawal of your deposit in the first days:
Withdrawal of funds from the balance of HOLD within 1-15 days from the moment of making a deposit - 10%
Withdrawal of funds from the balance of HOLD within 16-30 days from the moment of making a deposit - 5%
If your HOLD balance has remained untouched in system for over 30 days — 1% HOLD balance withdrawal fee.
Yes, the first month is not a small percentage, but this is due to the possibility of taking your deposit in case of a force majeure situation. The company does not freeze your deposit and you will always have access to it.

Referral reward: if you have invited a partner of the first level, you will receive 100% of his daily income. That is, as much as he gets every day profit, as much and you will receive. All subsequent levels are 10% of the income of partners.

We have 4 types of passive income IX Wallet
1) IX Wallet passive profits from storing cryptocurrencies on the wallet
2) Earnings IX Wallet referral program
3) Revenue from the sale of IX Token
4) Income from fluctuations in the rate of Bitcoin

My deposit:

The company started its activities several months ago and now the moment comes when people begin to pay attention to it, and IX wallet, in turn, continues to develop very carefully and gradually begin to fulfill the marketing plan, as well as to introduce their products and functionality. You can familiarize yourself with the plans and goals of the company on their website in the Roadmap section. In the very near future, applications for Android and IOS will be released where it will be possible to carry out all operations with the IX Wallet account. In the foreseeable future, it is planned to further launch the internal exchange of most cryptocurrencies and minimize the commission for these operations, automate the exchange, launch a full-fledged decentralized payment system to receive payments in cryptocurrency, install cryptomattes, create your own exchange, and bank cards. That is why now, at the start, the best time to invest in IXWallet and receive several types of passive.

Registration in project IX Wallet - IX Wallet

All details about the project you can find on the site of our team (help, instructions, question-answer) - IX Wallet

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There's no such thing as passive income, it may be not true as after at least 10 years of work or huge starting capital you'll get the passive income. But we're talking cryptocurrencies here and when it comes to this beast any income is quite impossible. Check it here https://www.bitcasinopay.com/. It's the only way for things to work with BTC

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