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Sharing my Passive and Active Income

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Old 03-03-2020, 09:15 PM
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Default Sharing my Passive and Active Income

Hi guys, i'm sharing what i'm doing currently for my income in passive and active income. This real, hopefully this really inspiring. You can do both to earn passive and active income (like what i did). Well, decision is on your hand, either you feel satisfied with your current active income or you need both.


Well, who don't want earn money without working ? this what we call passive income, we just need to create system once and let the system work itself to generate income for us. This is smart concept, you need to follow this direction into your life if you want to earn easy money. One of common way, you can do is investment stuff, but offcourse you need money to do so. But there is another way you can do with 0$ required, like make a blog and put ads on it, or make video (vlog) and upload it to youtube, and for me, i'm creating mobile app and upload it to googleplay.

Let me share what i'm doing, creating Interesting Mobile Apps for once and sit down waiting people to purchase on my app. Simple!!!! I'm creating app called Casino Betting Strategy which sharing my secret strategy about how to increase your winning chance up to 81% againts casino. Not limited to google play store, i will upload to Apple Store soon. This app share interesting information how to earn money in casino using smart strategy, and of course it's free.

It's free, then how i earn profit ?

As i mention previously, the app is free to download, and i need to do so in order to prove my app is very usefull and legit. And once they want to see more, they need to purchase. This how i earn income.
Well not all people want to buy, but we can put Ads to convert the traffic into income. So basically you can earn income from selling the product and from the ads. This both way to boost my passive income

If i don't have knowledge to create mobile apps, can i follow ?

No worry, you can create blog for free using or This tool is zero programming knowledge required, they provide good and easy interface for you, and if you want to enhance it you can buy your own domain on And lastly put google ads on your blog to earn income. Next move you combine with vlob (video blog) and upload it to youtube.


Well, everyone did it, including me. For me, One of my income come from working as employee in the office, typical 9-6pm working hours. and during my free time, i earn my income from the casino. Well, i'm still working in office since i love my job for now, soon enough i will move on. Play in casino all about win and lose, and it's common. But if you use smart strategy, lose 6 times can be cover with win one or two times only, smart right ? Using smart strategy very very important, this can increase my confident and help me to increase my winning chance, and in the end of the day i will earn good profit. in conclusion, play smart and win big.

What your thought ? If you have any, please share for our good

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Old 08-07-2020, 06:44 PM
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Do you really approach gambling this way? For me it is just an entertainment. I like to play, I even follow some topic-related blogs, like but in fact, when you try to make money at a casino, you will always end up losing everything, according to my experience at least

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Ohh ok. Thanks for the advert dick head.

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