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Need advice...My story (HR manager for new setup-no exp VS CPIB IO)

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Old 21-10-2012, 06:50 PM
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Default Need advice...My story (HR manager for new setup-no exp VS CPIB IO)

Ok i need serious advice here.. some will think negatively for both offers, but listen me out...

I am currently in an engineering firm doing project management and sales. All in all I have 2.5 years of project management in civil engineering industry which also includes sales experience. Both in govt and in pte firm.

I am thinking of switching to HR field...or either that to an exciting investigation job with CPIB which was being offered to me last year..."about 4,3k for CPIB"

for the HR field, it is a friend business dealing with logistics, courier services.
He is the boss and his business is into the 2nd year which has big clients of KPMG, AWS and is doing well, currently expanding. But this company is new and my friend feel I can make the cut as HR manager even without experiences...he jus wanted someone who he can trust in his business..(but many advice friends should nv be colleagues)"I am not investing anything"

down side is courier service is competitive, he himself is a malay, and the company is malay dominated (not racist) but because delivery job mainly are malays taking the offer. This new setup need HR and new a HR setup and being in corporate and MNC, i understand simple HR matters, not strategically but generalist job is simple to understand. From payroll, leaves, simple employment act, outsource insurance etc. I have also understood simple taxes as I worked in IRAS before. I have also studied basic HR in university locally... just 1 module.

He is willing to offer about 4.2k to hire me...(but this does not justify market trend as I hv no experience), and market will will recognise my credentials as a HR manager based on my resume, he hire me probably because I have good portfolio in the army days, I am trustworthy and align with his goals and my working exp as project engineer. (Logical, sensitive and people oriented)

My this friend has HR exp at hotel line, and failed a business before. well spoken and do all financial himself. He started the company with ACRA and external aduit firm will aduit his company. So he also needs IT dept, financial dept to start. Of course, its up to me and him to recruit more delivery men for the job as this means more jobs and more sales. For me to recruit more executives, commercial and sales personnel for the company is also my job and his...

Environment to me is important, and doing HR is also an interest to me, helping my fren expand his business is risky but to integrate a racial dominated by Malay is not easy for me as I dun really like such a culture dominated by a certain race...(its not racist but more of own preferences).

Yes HR is not just above as mentioned. But there are many companies startup with new beginning and need new setup for every dept... problem is whether should I go for it? The road is not easy...izzit risky jus to try enter his company and work and try out?

Yes indeed we cant compete with company like DHL, Fedex and other logistics coy...but this is the challenge

My friend excel well in the army days as regulars and has wide network with major COL and high ranks officer where they recommend many clients to him.

Othe wise... I wanna quit my engineering job to enter CPIB IO as investigation is always a thing for me... the working hrs are long I noe..but I believe passion will overcome most of the downsides...of course I hope it will not be like this when I have a family and kids...

the pay is considerably stable but I heard there are dangerous moments for this job...

I am in a hesitation

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Old 24-10-2012, 10:48 AM
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For stability join CPIB.
How old are you?

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Old 24-10-2012, 11:32 AM
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if i were u i rather stay on in the current job

are u planning to get married/have kids etc, if yes must discuss with your wifey wor..come girls dun like hubby be enft officers..CPIB sounds dangerous leh

but how come last year CPIB offered u the job u can consider until now leh?

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Old 24-10-2012, 12:33 PM
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Default Did not consider...

28 yrs..

Stay on current no passion lo... Must go thru new application bah.. Not say wait till now.. Just have to resend application .. Long story

Cpib dangerous but interesting.. Haven married la
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Old 24-10-2012, 12:47 PM
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Cannot be HR la, I tell you hor, even if you swear to god/Buddha/aliens/watever that you are colour blind (or even blind!!) totally not racist and cannot even tell the racial difference of anybody, a CHINESE HR in a majority MALAY company confirm you kenna some conflict someday...

But is it more dangerous than enforcement... hmmm hard to say.

Its like sitting on a timed bomb(but duno the timer is what) VS walking thru a landmine field(and duno where is the finish line).

Or you can sit your butt out in engineering and collect miserable monthly "handouts" hehe

Trust me i am an "engineer" too
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Old 24-10-2012, 01:22 PM
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or u wanna try other gahmen job that is less dangerous..or switch to other pte job that is not engineering de?
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Old 24-10-2012, 02:01 PM
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What I dun understand is you keep sayings your concern for joining CPIB is the relevant of the skills and experience, work life balance and how it will affect your family in the future, but then your other option is even worse to join a friend in a small local startup. CPIB maybe not that good for your family, but I really dun know how joining a small startup with low pay will be better in terms of learning good skills, get work life balance or starting family. Seem like the best thing for you is to stay in your current job.
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