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Old 01-06-2016, 11:22 PM
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Default Star Recruitment

I am surprised no one has yet to write a complaint in the internet about this recruitment firm. (Star Recruitment) When I first started working, boss said unpaid training but could not give me a timeline. I saw a few young guys working for 2 months with no pay or paid only $200.

I requested to have a employment letter signed so I was signed on 4th May 2016. Basic agreed was $2500 but was told 30% would be deducted if I do not hit $10 000 sales target and no commission will be given even if i hit $9000 sales. It was not elaborated in details on how ONE DAY'S wage would be deducted DAILY if we do not send in 10 resumes per day and a further deduction of pay on minor mistakes on job advertisements posting.

I was not happy with the talking down culture and felt that it was almost impossible to hit $10 000 sales target monthly since all the existing clients were given to a Malay lady. And I realised they were the only recruitment firm who will deduct basic pay and review sales on weekly/monthly basis. Most reviewed on quarterly basis with no deduction of basic. So I decided i will work until 31st May to get 1 month salary.

In the end, I received only $270 for a MONTH'S wage. I was shocked and angered. They deducted so much from my pay. I was practically left with nothing, not even enough to cover transportation. I worked 10 to 12 hrs per day, sent 8 to 10 resumes daily consistently (except on a few days <5 days), clinched a new client and closed in a few thousand of sales.

I called Steven (boss) and he shouted at me saying I was not a good worker. I don't mean to defend or praise myself, but I think I was the better ones among the rest. I worked fast. Even if I didn't hit $10 000 sales target, it was unethical of him to deduct my pay to such extent. He played with numbers in calculation of basic pay and deductions. How could an employer deduct one day's wage ($120+) for not sending 10 resumes?

And he likes to have weekly challenge. If we don't hit the weekly challenge, he would expect us to treat all the colleagues or give money to him. I felt very uncomfortable with this arrangement because it reflected a lack of kindness and generosity on his part. We are already having 30% pay cut with no commission and we still got to compensate him?? I have been working for 10 years and I have never come across such nonsense. He likes to talk down and humiliate people too, stripping off peoples' self esteem. RUDE.

He employs foreign workers on social visit pass and just reimburse a few hundred (to shut their mouth). All the employees have left. 2 remained but I doubt they will stay seeing how others like me have been treated. I am writing this and I hope this post will spread so that people will not go thru the same as I did.

Please do NOT work for STAR RECRUITMENT. They are basically just a bunch of cheats who plays with the contract and law, taking advantage of people who are sincere employees. I have lodged a complaint against them but please spread the word. When I saw the payslip, I cried for many hours because I felt shortchanged and humiliated. I lost my brother 7 months ago. Thats why I left my previous teaching job (been there 7 years). I wanted to join the corporate world to have a change of environment but I did not expect such a treatment from my 1st corporate job. Going to work was a dread because daily we faced verbal insults and sarcasm. Don't make the same mistake as I did.

An ethical and humane person would not put sand in a person's rice bowl (An ancient Indian saying). We all just want to work hard and earn our deserved wages.

Company: Star Recruitment Ptd Ltd
Owner: Steven Chan and Charlotte;

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Old 02-06-2016, 09:59 AM
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To get back at him, you should collect hard evidence of him employing workers without the right permit. It's illegal and a crime to do that, punishable by jail time.

"Severe offences, such as illegal employment of foreign workers, will now be subject to higher penalties including a minimum fine of $5,000, up to a maximum fine of $30,000, and/or a maximum imprisonment term of 12 months, for first-time offenders"

If you can't prove it, then you better be prepared for him to get back at you with a civil law suit.

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Old 02-06-2016, 11:02 AM
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Default Star Recruitment

I know most people find it hard to believe but I have my pay slip to back up on all the deductions he made. My ex colleague also had the same plight as me.

I don't know what constitutes Hard evidence but a bunch of us have been there for weeks/months. We r the witnesses. Some of the candidates have been interviewed by them and have seen these foreigners. They called up candidates, arranged interviews for them -- all these work can only be done when a person is a registered CEI with working pass.

You have not heard of it cos it's a very small company.

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