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Overpaid managers. In this time of economy, best to retrench
If you see yourself as a cost centre, then yes, >5k is probably overkill for any position. Simply because you're dispensable, and a replacement can easily do your job. Don't bother arguing they can't do as well as you do, because probably your job isn't that important to the company to be bothered with quality.

The key to higher salary is showing your value. One way is to be damn good at multiple things. Now imagine a sale person who can code, who can project manage, who can troubleshoot issues, who speaks multiple languages, who can speak to developers, who can write user stories, who can translate business requirements to technical specifications. Now would you pay 5k, 10k or 20k for this person? Or would you refer spend 30k to build a team with specialised skills, which might not be tapped on full-time?
Then roll out initiatives every once in a while, which must really improve processes or reduce cost.
Lastly, being a nice and fun colleague, who people want to hang out with.

And there are so many people like these in the top tiers firms, before you say where got such people.
Instead of just whining, probably you should learn from these people.
Don't say retrench, high chance of getting an counter-offer if you decided to leave yourself.

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