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Medical residency
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Default Barely holding on

Hi, i just graduated from medical school now I'm in PGY1 as a local medical resident. We're paid peanuts and are always on call, we get all the late night shifts and go home at 8am. Sometimes at 12pm we are back on call again so most of us rather just sleep in the hospital. Now I'm thinking of the huge debt i from med sch and everyday we just keep telling ourselves to press on, because undoubtedly 4 hours of sleep and catnaps will take a toll on your health but we cannot compromise patient care because of this. It may be tiring but after all its worth the while cause everything ypu learn will somehow help you in your job in future, but of course in medicine, soft skills like interpersonal communication, an eye for details, making life saving decisions are all part of all we do. After all, who wants to be sued for negligence?
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