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Originally Posted by UnregisAntered View Post
It comes with a cost though. Possible but you work more than 12 hrs each day.

Quote: I would be in the office at 6.30am and leave at 9pm," said Alex, explaining that he had willingly stayed back to read up on market news and prepare reports for the team for the next day.

He revealed that on the day of the "Brexit" vote results last June, most interns were in at 4am. "Expectations are pretty high; you work really hard if you want the full-time job. This can range from doing the most menial tasks like buying coffee three times a day, to automating spreadsheets for the team to make things go faster."
of course, you have to sacrifice... no free lunch in this world. but just saying that there are students out there who earn 10k per month and haven't even graduated, 3 times the average salary amongst all employed in Singapore.

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