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Originally Posted by graduation bear View Post
Hi, i am just trying to get my direction right. What roles in BO should I try to get into then? I am open to anything that have good career prospects but pay must not be bad as I know some people are underpaid and i really dont wish for that to happen
Replied to you on first page earlier.

Your reply show the biggest problem so far. You want a good paying career, want to take up high flying and prestigious banking jobs yet not prepared to do anything except to ask people what to do.

If you think your current pay in BO is not good enough for you, then share some real details like what is your current job, how much you getting, what are your specific interest areas, future education plans, what are your goals and initial thoughts on how to get there.

Demonstrate some research skills and evidence that you actually spent some time thinking and understanding the working world around you. Don't blur blur talk and talk only to get exposed that you don't even have 101 knowledge what investment banking does.

You are a full grown adult, start showing some self-responsibility and act like one. Not just happily declare you want to go IB without even knowing what IB does. When told not possible instant switch to what good paying BO job you should do. This is how a 16 year old kid processes info, not how an adult with a masters degree and banking work experience should be acting like.
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