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Originally Posted by poorguy View Post
what warrants your negative remarks?
Do you want to substantiate your unconstructive remarks with better explanations?
Selling put options is risky? are you talking about naked puts?
Fradulent fund? Do you know the underlying securities?
Does driving uber give you extra $1000 a month? Do you want to share your experience or just based on some information you read online?

Negativity does not get you anywhere, be positive yah?
If you think writing covered options ain't risky, then you need to go back for some basic lessons. Your EXG fund markets itself as a global diversified equities fund that pays out dividends, but in actual fact it uses undisclosed derivatives that are somewhat linked to a portfolio of equities and pays out so called distributions that are in most likely hood some sort of capital.

It is hard to tell because the company isn't being transparent on the actual mechanics except that is is loosely tied to the performance of a basket of equities. However, one cannot escape the fact that equities do not pay out net yields of 7%, i.e. gross of 9-12%, not even if it were solely concentrated on emerging markets.

Uber part time drivers can make additional $1,000 with far less risk and much more consistency. I am just suggesting to you that what you are doing is just high risk low returns and that amount can easily be replicated by driving part time with greater peace of mind.

Try to think logically instead of knee jerk defensive reaction and senseless sloganeering to be "positive".
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