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We are a very fortunate, blessed and contented middle class couple. We have good news to share with everyone - we are totally debt free! We cleared our home mortgage, car loan and personal loan! We are so happy!

We feel so blessed to be living in a beautifully decorated luxury condo in a good district in beautiful Singapore. In Singapore, you are among the lucky few if you own and live in a condo. More than that we also own a new car! And it's totally paid off!

We are in our 40s and we own both a condo and a car which are paid off. Not many families who own both condo and car in Singapore can achieve this. Many are still paying their condo mortgage and car loan.

Even though our combined household income is only $160k pa (low by this forum's standard), we are fortunate to be able to own a fully paid condo and a car. We enjoy the typical middle class lifestyle of eating at nice restaurants, shopping, going overseas holidays twice a year, etc.

We will save as best as we can and hope to retire in 10 years times at 55. We will use our savings to buy annuities for our retirement. Upon reaching 65, we will receive monthly payouts from our CPF Life. We are very happy, contented and feel so blessed. We do social volunteer work to help others in need.
Did you read this thread? Those with income above 150k are not supposed to post their details or you will be labelled as a YA YA PAPAYA. Please go back to your social work if you can't be a quiet observer here.
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