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Originally Posted by lazyplane View Post
Just to insert an opinion piece into this concept of “middle class” or “non middle” class in Singapore with relation to income.
The concept of lower / middle /upper class by virtue is a concept of social stratification.
Social stratification can occur in 3 key distinct forms ie by wealth , power and prestige.
Inherent in a stratification is that the higher in the structure , the more access or power or prestige you have over those below. As it is a social “categorisation” structure, I think there will never be a fixed consensus over what is “working class” , “upper class” or in our context of this discussion, “middle class” . This social categorization will always be moving within the context of its discussion.
Eg : One can argue that middle class means literally the medium (50 percentile) as per household income. But that may not be the only definition as per above, this is a “social” categorisation process and people will perceive differently based on the environment, interactions that surrounds that household/individual.
(In my humble opinion), it is with this in mind, that SG government also produce statistics of average household income BY DWELLING.

See extract below : [://[/
From the data above, one can sense that a high “household income earner” ie top 10% of household income (>$20 per month) can easily be highly dissatisfied if this household current main dwelling is in a landed property .
So what can we conclude from all this ?
Many poster in this forum are asking if they are middle or upper class etc . I don’t know if it is a real question by many individuals or by a single individual that keeps repeating this question. If it is former, I think we must start to ask why so there is such a strong need to upgrade ourselves from our perceived social stratification classification. And if it is really just for pride and prestige, will one ever reach a level of contentment ?

Something to laze and mull about over the day ?
There is no need to use statistics to derive class status. Class status is derived from a cursory look at the dwelling/car that one possesses.

If u live in a 3 room HDB flat and below, you are definitely lower class.
If u live in a 4 room HDB flat with no car, you are in between lower and middle class.
If u live in a 4-5 room HDB flat with a car, you qualify as middle class.

If u live in a 2 room and above condo/private apartment without a car, you also qualify as middle class.
If u live in a 2 room and above condo/private apartment with a working class car, you can edge up to the top middle class.

If u live in a condo with a luxury car priced at a minimum of $200k, many will perceive you to be in the upper class.
Anything above belongs to the upper class in Singapore.

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