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just do ur work and lay low, most union ppl there wayang for decades till retirement, so its a good place with good bonus, good increment and very little work.

if pay progression is really that impt to u then my advice is dun waste time in a union environment. if work life balance, wayang a bit to get by is ur style, then its a good place. in shell once u promote to exec level the place is very political and need to network like mad.
yeah they did give me clues of the scenario there. which hinted "wayang-ness" although I brush it off quickly as I don't want to be dampen lest i lose the job. I need a solid company in my resume and my working career for my future. i see this as good opportunity.

Sounds good but I can't think about bonus or increment now. haha. usually I start new environment, i have to focus on integrating into the culture asap and mastering my working style there.

How little is the work??? say 9 to 5 right. 1 hour lunch ? means 7 hour work. if you full blast all the way do non-stop, then need how many hours??

What was your position previously?

hmm.. I am that type of person that only has WORK in my life, and my family. I live and breathe my work. It is my identity. Thats why when SHELL offered me, i see this huge company as something I can dedicate myself again.
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