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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
As much as i want to have a meaningful debate,
it would probably not be possible since
you compared the salary of teachers in general with fresh graduates;
of course the latter will be lower.

Another point you may want to take note is that the universities is also part of MOE;
We have 2 acting Ministers of Education; do you have any idea what is their portfolios?

Rather than be thankful to teachers who helped you make it to university, you ended up as an ungrateful individual, which you admitted, who probably thinks you made it through your own efforts alone.

Good luck in life with your way of thinking.
Typical teacher. Can't answer questions so he runs away. Why should fresh grad salaries be lower than teaching? Are other jobs not as important?

No, I did end up in university on my own efforts alone. I re-took my A-levels in NS in order to get into local university. With no help from MOE teachers at all, so there. My NS officers probably played a larger role in helping me get into local uni than all my MOE teachers combined.
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