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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
If you are aiming to become HOD or VP in the future then you need consistent B- to B+ with the occasional A- performance.

Generally it is almost impossible to get this sort of rating unless you take up a lot of additional projects with increased visibility or have prominent nation wide achievements in building up some sort of CCA. In short, be prepared for lots of OT and weekend burns.

Teaching alone is probably going to get you mostly C/C+ with an occasional B- or B and that is only if you are really good.

Before you get all pumped up wanting to be superscale principal, I advise you to consider whether the long hours and playing politics are worth it. There are many people who burn countless weekends and midnights and all they could get in the end was just a subject head or HOD whose pay is only slightly higher than an experienced senior teacher.
There is no A- or B- in the appraisal process. To take on leadership position, one is assessed based on your CEP and ability to take on more responsibilities at a higher level... and this is done via various platforms such as being a level coordinator / ic of certain event. and no it's not based on the number of As and Bs one gets.
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