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Hi Ryan,

This is a tough question. I don't see the numbers hired in Local banks going down, in fact they might even go up. As to foreign banks, many specific departments like IB do not hire many in the first place. In fact, if I'm not wrong, due to the small number of places, many banks seem to hire from their summer internship programme. I think such small numbers would never be a reflection of how the general grad is going to see the market.

I read in the papers recently that there is a cut in number of teachers hired. Perhaps that would affect the grad market a lot more since a (hypothetical) cut of 20% would mean a few hundred grads going without a job and this creates a glut.

I think a good area to be in now it is in wealth management. This is an area that a grad should consider going into. If you want to do M&A/consulting etc., move to London/New York/HK. A large part of going into such jobs is not the role itself, but the opportunities after leaving the company. If a person was working in consulting in London/New York, they would have access to jobs in Ftse100/F500 since most companies are based out of those cities. For those interested in other wall-street type jobs, you probably wouldn't get many of that sort of opportunities in Singapore.

My advice is to really think a few steps ahead and envisage what exactly is your goal.

Is it easy for a lawyer to move to London/HK/New York? I'm a bit jaded and am in fact looking at working abroad for a new experience.


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