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will not affect the salaries. different schools have different niches.

typically, smu students get jobs in big4 and mid-tiers, nus students goto mid-small sized or go inhouse.

Asia Cup Moot 2010:
In its first ever head-to-head meeting with NUS, SMU prevailed in the national rounds to qualify for the international rounds. SMU went on to win the title, after defeating Universiti Utara Malaysia, Sophia University, and Universitas Pelita Harapan. Jill Ann and Chelsea were joint runners-up for Best Oralist, and the team also bagged the 2nd-runners-up prize for Best Memorial.

the pie is big enough
I wonder where you got that idea from, especially since SMU's first batch hasn't even been retained/ called to the bar, ie. none of them have a job yet. There are plenty of NUS students in big 4 firms, definitely way more than SMU students. NUS has won plenty of international moots, and not just against Malaysian schools.
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