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Using money as a gauge of your children's filial piety to you is too narrow a measure and places unnecessary financial burden on those not earning much, and too easy as a way out for those who earn a lot.

How much money the children gives to parents is thus an unfair measure of filial piety. It trivialises the other form of giving, love and support children give to their parents (especially ageing parents).

All too often, people who earn a lot thought that they are filial if they give some money to their parents every month without visiting them at all. Recently in the news, we hear of parents left in nursing homes (paid by their children) but who were never or infrequently visited by their children.

On the other hand, there are children who dont earn much but take care of their parents' every needs. The parents stay with them with 3 meals provided every day and enjoy their companionship.

By demanding that your children contribute an allowance to you may make them think that that's all they are obligated to do.

But one thing for sure, if you have money, your children will keep coming back. Not that they are after your money, but they dont feel the pressure that you will be asking them for money.

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Totally agree.. should not pamper the next generation... many have became so soft and pampered that they take things for granted and don't know how to plan for themselves.

A token sum for the patent when they start working teaches them about gratitude and sense of responsibility. Not expecting them to take care of the parents during retirement but more to instill the values in them.

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