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honestly, you don't need a degree for this field. I'll advise you to get some experience in PR/Advertising/Marketing and not waste time in other industries that you're not interested in. you can probably try out an internship in this field to get a feel if it is really your strengths.

try searching on
or you can try this facebook group
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I don't think you should be considering things like whether company will sponsor studies. Companies usually only sponsor studies either because you are a key talent or specific education for a specific job you are doing. I don't think there are many pte companies out there who will sponsor staff to do generic pt deg from UOL which doesnt serve any purpose.

Those that anyhow sponsor will require you to sign a multi year bond, so in that sense it is more like a binding arrangement then sponsorship. For your case since you are already behind others, unless it is really a good company with a good job you ideally want, you cannot afford to waste another 4-5 years on a binding contract with something that you don't really like.

There is nothing wrong with working a while to find out where your passions and career truly lie before starting to study again. Don't just rush into studying without any specific goal, pt deg from UOL is percieved as just slightly better than diploma, it will not give you this massive boost in career, so it is ok to wait a while and figure out what you truly want to do first. Who knows maybe your chosen path in the end don't even need to buy a generic biz degree.
Hi, I appreciate all the advice given so far. First would like to state that I definitely don't see myself being in engineering. Will spend the next few days speaking with friends in sectors that I have interest in.

Went down to UniSIM and SIM GE to speak with some friends and the staff today, was abit relived to find out that the average age group hovers between 25-28 for part time courses so that was a bit reassuring for me.

As an executive or entry level Diploma, A levels or even O levels will suffice but they'll come a time eventually when a degree matters. Especially as a Marketing manager/PR manager etc.
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