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I detect fear and anxiety in you. Nobody, whether in public or private sector, should f*** their superiors/bosses under any circumstances. Any disagreements should be raised and discussed in an adult manner and not in the childish and bad-mannered "Amos Yee"-like way you are expressing below.

I am beginning to doubt whether you are actually employed. If so, you wont be for much longer, not with your angst and foul mouth.

You claimed to be in the private sector, but you certainly arent at peace. It is clear it is not where you work, but what's inside of your mind and heart that matters.

Learn to love yourself and you will love others. And then you will find inner peace.
The one that have anxiety are mofos civil servant whose only marketable skill set is sucking up their bosses, other than that, creating tons of paper work, shuffling them around in order to fool everyone including themselves that they work.

They are basically social parasite.

Unfortunately they are the one who reign this Singapore land of shitt, and they keep raising salary for themselves, starving the old and seeing the sick die doing nothing.

Their condos and nice car are the results of skimming surplus from hardworking citizens and starving the needies.

They have having higher salary than productive citizens, reason because they take every surplus of our production.

Knowing that they are despise outside, they prop out their atrocious image by cars and condos.

Go out and ask everyone their impression of those doing "Cheng Hu kang"...etc. People give them a look of envy and despise.

Folks above has no idea how Silicon valley type like me works. My scope and my breadth has transcend a lot of people.

Those who keep sucking coc think 1st nature is to continue to drink cumm, and cannot stand up like a man. Civil service has a lot of budget to bail them out, and they can run Singapore in shitt hole.

Me, being seen as a maverick, troublemaker by some, and -- intelligent, smart by others,
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