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I detect fear and anxiety in you. Nobody, whether in public or private sector, should f*** their superiors/bosses under any circumstances. Any disagreements should be raised and discussed in an adult manner and not in the childish and bad-mannered "Amos Yee"-like way you are expressing below.

I am beginning to doubt whether you are actually employed. If so, you wont be for much longer, not with your angst and foul mouth.

You claimed to be in the private sector, but you certainly arent at peace. It is clear it is not where you work, but what's inside of your mind and heart that matters.

Learn to love yourself and you will love others. And then you will find inner peace.

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
That is a mindset of suc coc man in civil service who never see how people in private sector go after dollars and cent, and think talent like me can be replaced without any pain.

PAP pay you guys to shuffle paper here and there, and PAP have lots of monies to throw at your guys once coc up. 99% of civil service managers I seen are wicked and stupid, living a pathetic life, whose diginity are salvage by their cars, bought using their fcuking 16 months salary, skimmed from productive citizens like me.

As I have said, my 100k per annum salary just make me an ordinary person unlike many of you getting 16 months salary-- who are God damned extraordinary.

In private sector, if a talented employee left, the managers cannot sleep well. Managers talk big and say no one is irreplaceable, but my departure will give me nightmares of coc up, having to spend effort finding and training replacement....etc.

To all civil services joker, go outside, work and live honestly using your talent instead of thinking of how to improve on sucking coc. Forgo all the fcuking 16 months salary.

You will have peace and everyone will give you respect. Because you skimmed your 16month salary from people, and that is bad karma. You need to suck coc for this.
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