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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
u only have yourself to blame for your predicament.
Predicament your head.

Since I left civil feces service, the only thing I have is ecstasy. I feel my self worth of creating value for the society.

You guys won't know the orgasm of freedom of not having to do useless work of generating 10 pages of meeting minutes 3x, for your 3 worthless weekly meetings.

And every week in civil service, I forever hear bosses threatening people in the meeting so that everyone suck their coc, something like that, "if your performance is no good, then hell you go"...

Because of parasite like civil service, PAP let our social services go into shitt, leaving the sick and old to die.

The day when we really have a government that care, transferring monies to the needies, you guys will loss your 16 month, and fire sale your condos and cars, and you will know you are the most odious garbage in Singapore.

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