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Default Eye Surgeon Lost 15k USD in Options Trading

Dr Francis Oen, an eye surgeon, is featured in the Invest column in today's Sunday Times.

Having invested money (and lost some) in stocks, property, exchange traded funds (ETFs) and options, I believe it's fair for me to call him a veteran in investments.

So maybe we can learn a thing or two from this veteran.

Dr Oen's best investments are in property. His first property more than doubled in value, while his 2nd and current one is up by 60%. Not surprising, considering that many shrewd investors think property is the way to go in land-scarce Singapore.

Property - good.

As for his worst investments, he has two. One is his Clob portfolio, and the other is - drum roll - options trading.

I'm sure he's aware of those options trading seminars that claim "X% profit in just 1 trade" or the like, and he would have attended them if he thought they are worthwhile. See my post on get rich seminars.

He lost US$15,000 trading options, and has given up on it (he switched to ETFs).

Options trading - bad.

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