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Congrates to you to have both positions been offered to you.

As a 2nd lower grad you get $3500 as starting pay, is this a new revision of salary? Last time I apply for senior police officer in 2007 july, the pay for 2nd lower with NS is abt $3380.

PS: I did not manage to pass the psychometric test, so no more SPO for me.

If you want a long term career till you retired, I would recommend you to sign on police, as the benefit are really good, got the police retirement account scheme. I think your salary of $3500 also havent include the relevant allowances you are getting (mean that your gross monthly salary could be from than $4000++), 1 bad thing is that maybe you are required to work shift, standby duty(especially on major event, ndp, yog, IMF...etc, work on weekend/ holiday.

Also the annual package is about 16 months for average performer for civil servant, of course good/outstanding gets more.
As for private sector, I don't know, from other forum, people do complained over work OT without OT pay because u are under 'executive grade' for a mere $2800...also sometimes you are also required to work in holiday/weekend....which is fark up. Also dunno your chemical company pay AWS?? How is your annual package for this company?

In term of annual package>>>SPF
If you like to jump ship alot >>>chemical company

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