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My wife and I are working professionals in our late 30s
Salary $220k pa salary and save about $60k pa
Own a 5-room HDB flat worth about $550k
Other savings and assets about $250k
CPF $150k
No loan except for 2 yr old car and loan left with $40k

Net worth about $400k excluding HDB flat

I donít intend to retire early before my 60s , my wife hopes to retire by early 50s, or maybe she will continue to take up some stress-free part-time jobs. I figure that would bring our savings target to $1.5 mil (before any investment returns).

Many grad couples are doing much better than us financially, but ut we are contented with our incomes and intend to lead a simple and balanced family life instead of pursue ambitious careers. Some people say that with 3 kids we should try to earn more for them. But my wife always say that kids should be independent and not rely on parents retirement nest egg. What do you think?
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