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What's your major? Just curious. Speaking of public policy, any opinions on the International Relations masters program at RSIS?

And what area of psych does your fiance work in?

I've done some snooping on linkedin and many government employed psychologists do get to do their masters in the UK, I believe because local psychology masters programs are severely limited - only NIE's applied psych and NUS's clinical program.
RSIS and LKYSPP are great schools. But dont jump the gun and take your masters there yet. Get a govt job first and then see if they will send you there. You might end up wasting your money and time doing post-grad there and not getting a job in the civil sector.

NTU does have an MA in Psych. But its more geared towards research, not applied.

I'm in Philosophy, concentrating mostly in ethics, hopefully trying to get a job in ethics committees in govt hospitals or universities. Second major in political science but im concentrating more in public policy and administration rather than international relations and politics.
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