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I think Samantha's point is a valid one and I too will be curious if HR demands so much information.

That said, which stage of the recruitment process are you at, Samantha?

Originally Posted by Zantos View Post
These are very valid questions. There are lots of people who jump ship once they had a good year's bonus and attempt to BS by claiming that such bonuses are "normal" when negotiating for more money.

They are just trying to find out your total pay package including benefits what is a realistic number you are on now so that they can get the full picture when making an offer.

Seriously how difficult can it get to answer these questions unless you have something to hide? If somebody were to ask me, I can perhaps answer them in less than 5 mins. If they want to know 2 years back how many months bonus I get, I will just make a note to check when I'm back home and call them back to answer.

You are making a very simple routine background check and package understanding procedure to something dramatic as if your personal life has been affected drastically by these questions.

Tone down on that smug attitude, answer them honestly and move on with the job application. Want to act high and mighty at least make it to a Senior Exec level, otherwise just follow protocols.
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