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Originally Posted by starrxu View Post
Not difficult... a matter of interview skills, background and luck. There are plenty of positions => [email protected]. You just have to try even harder and jackpot will hit you sooner. I was already in once before and now my 2nd.
I wouldn't be so quick to state that its relatively simple to get a job in the civil service. Some of the more sought after positions, i.e. economist scheme (economist with MTI), intelligence service (ISD), legal service (MinLaw), foreign service (MFA) have very stringent recruitment criteria and pay handsomely.

-A fresh grad (gd honours, with NS) entering the intelligence service would likely draw a starting pay close to 4.5k, give and take 1k, if not mistaken.
-An economist (masters degree, with NS) would likely be drawing anything from 4.5k- 5k or possibly even more.

And don't even start on the elite Admin Service and their feeder MA scheme....

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