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Originally Posted by Questionit View Post
I do NOT recommend using REGIONUP job portal because I was made to pay for services that I did not know i was purchasing. Here's what happened:

In Sep 2014 i subscribed to a one-month Premium Membership for $49 but was charged an additional $49 for a resume service that was not shown in the payment summary at check-out. Although i received 2 payment receipt emails from RegionUp, they came at the same time, showing the same price and nothing indicated that the total charges would be $98 (or two charges of $49 each).

It all seems very strange to me and unlike any other web purchase i have ever done in my life (& i have done many). In all my web purchases, the payment summary shows exactly what you're paying for. No hidden charges for a product/service that I didn't explicitly and expressly authorize. In the case of RegionUp, the resume service was not clearly shown as a separate purchase item for another $49 and I would have expected to see a total charge of $98 if i wanted the resume service. The email receipts raised no alarm bells in my mind as a result. Perhaps I failed to read the fine print somewhere or that I failed to really think about what was happening. But the fact is fact: Payment summary at check-out shows $49 and I did not click any button to indicate my interest in a resume service.

RegionUp has refused to refund. I said that I was lodging a complaint with MAS and asked for the company name and address as registered (which is public info) but for some reason they are not willing to share that information.

All these events add up and raise questions in my mind. I hope no one ever has to experience this feeling of being violated.

Sorry to hear it. However, their overall service looks confusion. Once I was about to pay, later searched good and found it is rated as a low trustworthy site. So everyone be careful.

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