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50, semi retired. Debt free. Work from home, managing a $1m investment portfolio. Earn $60k pa from managing investments. Wife, 44, still working, earns $90k pa. We manage our expenses well, we do not employ a maid and stopped owning a car (one of our biggest expenses was owning a car), we spend only $80k pa. Our condo, which is paid up, is worth $1.4m.

When I am fully retired at 60, I will sell our condo and downgrade to a small studio condo. The balance of cash will be added to my investment portfolio. I estimate that by the time I am fully retired at 60, I will have at least $2.5m of investments and I am able to generate passive income of $125k pa. When we reach 65, our CPF retirement payout will start and that will give us about $30k pa. Our kids may give us a total allowance of $10k pa. So in total, our passive income is $165k pa. We should have a comfortable retirement and we can spend any extra money to travel the world. We always wanted to go for round the world cruise trip that lasts for months.
May I ask how much do you expect your kids to contribute? In relation to what they earn? I'm currently contributing 25% of my salary to my parent, and another 25% for clearing off debt from bad investment decisions, and I'm struggling quite a bit. Don't think I would be able to start a family as long as I am supporting my parent. Just wondered what is the norm?
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