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This survey is not accurate at all. Occupation like pilots, management consultants, investment bankers, are not in the list. I am quite sure that there are alot of surgeons, lawyers, bankers and traders that make much more than just $12750. Else how can they afford those expensive cars like lamborghini, ferrari, porsche, maserati, BMW and merz with just $12750.

A good example will be this private banker, I don't think even with a monthly salary of $20k can afford a lamborghini, Porsche Carrera and BMW M5.

The fast and the modest?

Well, the average income in Singapore is about 3k. How is it possible that people can afford to buy cars, LVs and condos? That's because 3k is the average. At one end of the spectrum, you have people living in extreme poverty. At the other end, you have the super rich who buy lamborghs.

Similarly, the list above is just a list of professions that are sampled by the ministry. And the quoted earnings are median earnings. In case you've forgotten your maths, "median" means "in the middle". If you line up 100 specialised surgeons by their pay, the middle one will earn that $12,750 quoted. The best one may earn 1 mio or more, like those plastic surgeons and heart surgeons. And they are the ones who drive the lamborghs.

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