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Lol, the most convenient escape clause - "matter of time". But you already set a date - Dec 2015.

Actually if the gahmen had not stepped in with so many CM and the TDSR and MSR, and bumping up the HDB supply, the chances of a real bubble bursting would have been higher. Now it may never happen.

With the measures, they have sieved out speculators, they also can relax/remove the measures when required. As for the large numbers of HDB flats coming on stream, the gahmen can well afford to leave them unsold. No 99 years limit applies when not sold.

Actually I foresee another scenario happening. With the huge investment in infra and housing, the gahmen may positioning for more foreigners to come in. The population will soon wise up to the fact that a small indigenous population simply cannot keep the economy going. They will be the ones clamoring the gahmen to bring more foreigners in.

Originally Posted by cslee View Post
Actually, I have a wager with that particular owner in end 2015. So wait and see is the right word to use. But some factors are beyond SG gov, inc:
1) Interest rate is trending up. Interest rates and property prices usually move in reverse direction. Question now is how soon and how fast.
2) China's bubble economy i.e. infamous ghost towns, abandoned projects etc - no one knows when it would pop. Just a matter of time
3) Unlike HDB, significant foreign ownership in private properties. Matter of time they would shift out to pour into the recovering US/Europe property markets.

The above factors are inevitable - question now is just matter of time.

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