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With the huge supply of BTOs coming up, and rules of PR needing 3 years before they can buy HDB, you still so sure you can sell your flat at $700k? Probably before 2009 that is possible. But with property prices so volatile now, you probably have to wait off beyond 2016 to try anything.

And your HDB is NOT an investment as you're staying in it. It is a necessity. Please don't view HDB as an investment as you pay more than 2% interest, and you have to repay back to CPF + their interest rates upon selling your house. Granted you may sell it for $700k, the fact that you've been paying back housing loan at that interest means at least $100k - $200k of your profit gets eaten up (dependable on the no. of years you've paid). Not to mention you have to put back into CPF.

At the end of the day, your cash in hand may jolly well be only $200k - $300k if you're lucky (assuming you bought your house ard $200k).
Some ppl just dream and dream... HDB is not an investment at all.. and hardly houses nowadays don't appreciate after 30 years... no big deal that the price is up.. don't forget the inflation rate... 700k from lets say 200k after 20 or 30 years.. you calculate and see.. is not a lot... he is definitely not savvy in finance to say this..

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