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as long as you've never receive any confirmation or signed anything, you are free to choose, even accept or reject the current offer. who knows you might find a better offer.

u can call them up and ask about the situation. If there are totally uninterested, tell them u have another offer coming and make it quick.
I started searching for jobs in end 2013 and have been going for job interviews. Managed to get 3 job offers at ard the same time. I think the economy is relatively good now especially for singaporeans. if the company HR have not yet reply, nothing is confirmed yet. you should continue sending out resumes so that at least you have other offers in which you can do comparison.

Don't just rely on 1 offer, which is not confirmed yet.

Esp to those who are graduating soon, more offers are bound to come. it is a known fact that most companies ,notable or not, normally send out the offer letters after exams. which is why you will normally see most friend getting jobs at around may june july. Don't just immediately take the offer that comes first. But please do look around first and ask around. Many of my friends regretted taking the first offer because the subsequent offers that came after they signed are way more better. But what done is done.

Seriously, don't stop sending out resume when you get an interview. Continue spamming until you get the concrete paper offer. Stop only when the grace period of accepting the offer is up. - BEST ADVICE FOR THE THREAD STARTER
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