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About 2 weeks ago, I have been called for an 2nd interview at sp power grid. I met up with the interviewers but I dun think it went well. So it was a pleasant surprise that the HR called me up and told me that I was selected for the position and they are preparing the financial package. They will call me again once it is ready. I have been waiting for a week.

I have some questions to ask.

1. How trustworthy is that call? I have met some HR says you are selected but in the end made me wait for nothing.

2. How long do I need to wait for them? Understand that government sector takes long processing time.

Appreciate your kind replies!
as long as you've never receive any confirmation or signed anything, you are free to choose, even accept or reject the current offer. who knows you might find a better offer.

u can call them up and ask about the situation. If there are totally uninterested, tell them u have another offer coming and make it quick.
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