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Originally Posted by fusion View Post
Honestly, from what you describe what they are offering as a package is not too bad comparable to the others industries. Then why are the young leaving? Progression and culture is one of the reason but just curious if there are factors in play.
Regional role in Singapore branch? Is it front office / middle office role? Any of these departments? AIBD, ABD-MNCD, CFD, ABD-RCU, CCU ?

Yeah its not bad compared to other industries like erm manufacturing.

The young are leaving cos progression in terms of personal learning is limited. Most departments don't get to learn much, credit papers are substantard compared to other banks. So overall you wouldn't learn as much as say if you were in DBS or SCB etc.

Also increments are bad, so as a fresh grad you pay goes up very slowly even with the promotion increments. So freshies would be better of hopping around.

Different for experienced hires. They come in with a high base salary and still enjoy 3-6 months bonus which is very good !
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