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i am also in a similar situation as you.. need to fight for myself.... may i know are you dealing with projects or IT-related work? Your working hours came as a surprise as CS/SB has often been touted as a place with work-life balance.
When I was in ministry,I was handling a mix of IT n other proj. But not IT trained,so am very slow at picking up. Daytime meetings, nighttime update website n answer customer queries. Cause service std must be kept but most of my day is outside, bo pian. Only 3 headcount in the unit,but 2 vacancies! Took 9 mths to fill just one of them.

Got fed up n I did a total switch in job nature n joined SB. Now I do more paper writing, event mgt, n just accept whatever arrows come from whichever direction. Fight for ourselves is very tiring (yes yes I m kpkb, I know) and no guarantee will win cause once mgt change, anything can happen. Eg last yr A, this yr I m prepared to be C already.
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