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What a broad and sweeping statement and shallow observation.

Let me share my sweeping and broad observation. The later generations of condo owners bought their condos at much higher prices than the earlier generations. This means that the later generations condo owners are by and larger richer and also more educated. They are more in tune with tech development and progress and thus expected more.

When we, the newer condo owners wanted improvements and upgrading in our condo to keep up with the times, the older condo owner kpkb, resisting us at every turn. In my mind I was thinking, why dont they just go and stay in HDB if they just want to stay in their units all the time and not have better facilities?

The older generation condo owners also are very envious of new comers owning multiple cars, some even go to the extent of using old furnitures to block up car park lots. Unbelievable.
Haha! Think you are richer just cos you bought a condo at a higher price and have multiple cars? Fact is you only got yourself into more debt? Duh!

Many of the older generation condo dwellers are actually owners of several FULLY PAID properties! You think they've been idle all these while after they got their first condo? You wanna compare with them? Come on they already have a huge headstart considering they bought their properties at a much lower price and can sell at much higher profit. They are not envious of ur cars lah, if they wanted to they can buy more than u! Why upgraders always think people jealous of them?

Old people will definitely resist change! When u grow old, u will be the same. In the first place, why u go buy a property that needs to be upgraded? Should have looked ard properly b4 u bought.

Anyway, since u live in a condo, have to abide by the majority rules lor. The older gen people can resist but majority agrees, also nothing they can do wat.

End of the day, if they use the furniture to block car park lots, juz get the MA of MC to clear lor. Need to kpkb meh? But seriously lah, I have not seen people using furniture to block car park lots in condo. Must be a unique feature of ur condo.
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