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I graduated back in 1999 .. and I'm now 32 years old .. since graduation I've been working as a designer with some escalation in the post .. 5 years back I started to have some management duties .. as a project leader .. still, though I do manage teams, I mainly spend my time at work doing technical jobs .. you can briefly view me as a design lead/manager .. or a principle engineer ..

Do you think 7k to 8k is comfortably reasonable to live and save in Singapore ? .. any figures regarding the renting range of residential apartments ?
if you have a special skillset and managerial experience, it should not be hard for you to command 10k/mth anytime.

having 7~8k/mth is a reasonable salary, especially for someone your age (early 30s). however, it does make a big difference whether you're single/married with kids/dual income. having a household income of 7~8k comparing to a single earning the same amt do make a diff.

there's a big price range for SG housing, depending on the location, size, # of rooms, public or private housing
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