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Some people here have poor reading comprehension skills. I said I'm planning to stick on till I complete 1 year at my current company. However my goal is to get a job in an MNC with better pay and benefits as stated by PP. And i do know some MNCs in singapore that pay fresh degree holders 3k+ in HR specialist positions. By the way I have a masters degree and had 2 years experience in an MNC as an inhouse recruiter before my 4 year sabbatical. BD is one of the things i'm looking at but not sure if most MNCs really value HR with BD experience, as its mostly headhunting firms that look for persons with BD skills.
Yeah I have to agree with above poster. I have worked in part-time jobs during my university stint that paid more than $7 per hour man. My advice to you is to build up some form of credibility first before jumping because right now your career and educational history just doesn't add up and it looks fishy honestly.

I had a short stint in a headhunting firm as well and I think that is the only place that will value your BD and HR skills. With respect to HR generalist positions, I doubt BD will ever come into play.

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