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I don't think resorting to knee jerk personal attacks and playing the persecution card on any comment that does not meet your prescribed positive world view will help you to get anywhere.

Some forumers might have been too direct, but I too agree in essense with what they are saying. After a long stint of being jobless and only a few months of proper admin experience in small companies, you really should concentrate more on focusing hard on the current job and acquiring some useful experience before thinking about hopping again with unrealistic expectations of doubling your salary in a MNC.

My gut sense is even if you can somehow get yourself into an entry generalist admin job in a MNC over the next few years, I doubt they will offer you anywhere close to your expectations, it is simply too high. 4k is usually a generalist assistant manager position that requires about 5 years of relevant experience.

The kind of career trajectory that you are positioning yourself is difficult even for fresh local uni grad with strong honours and CCA to pull off, much less coming from a position of weakness with a patchy employment record.
first ft job run off after 2 months, 3 months into 2nd job again plotting to run off, somemore must be mnc with big pay hike. likely got attitude problem one. i pity the current co., took a big risk hiring someone with bad history, give him $400 more and 3 months later he already asking others to "teach" him how to jump to his next job
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