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Originally Posted by celery View Post
What would be an appropriate salary range for a person with below profile:
  • Bachelor degree in IT / computer science / computer engineering (2nd lower honors) from local university
  • Software engineer / programmer / IT analyst
  • 5 to 6 years of experience
  • Involved in application development, testing, deployment, documentation, user support, user training

Assuming not the above average paying top-tier companies/organizations like MNCs, civil service, stats boards, and also not cheapskate SMEs that do not wish to pay according to market rate. What would be an average acceptable range/figure that is acceptable by 80%-90% of mid-tier companies like NCS and ST Engineering?

I have sent in an application to a company asking for 4.8K and didn't get a response. 4.5K or 4K? I have heard of fresh engineering grad getting 4K plus for starting pay, don't tell me 5 years of experience is worth nothing?

I also do not wish to price myself out of the market either. Any advice is appreciated.
it's reasonable. i was paid close to $80K basic as a solution and development lead when i had 6 years experience with one of the big IT services companies. that was back in 2005

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