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Originally Posted by Bean
2011 Civil Service Salary Range

Job grade: MX9 (Superscale)
Job title: Deputy Director, Director
Pay scale: S$10,580 S$14,550 / S$14,551 S$16,540

Job grade: MX10
Job title: Assistant Director, Deputy Director
Pay scale: S$6,350 S$9,050 / S$9,051 S$10,400

Job grade: MX11
Job title: Manager, Assistant Director
Pay scale: S$4,100 S$6,160 / S$6,161 S$7,190

Job grade: MX12
Job title: Assistant Manager, Manager
Pay scale: S$2,550 S$5,130

Job grade: MX13
Job title: Management Executive
Pay scale: up to S$2,800 for fresh graduates

anyone has any updated info on the salary range ?? especially for the starting pay of MX11?
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