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Hi all

I would like to check if there are any mid career ppl out here who quit the private sector to join civil service? Do you get a pay cut? How much?

I have 15yrs experience in private sector. Intend to join ministry but there is a big pay cut as experience is not relevant. Entry grade offered at MX11. Non scholar.

I see many pple here state that they reach MX11 after 5-8yrs in Civil service. I feel short changed as I have so many more years of working experience.

Is there any scheme that will help mid career ppl move up the ranks faster ? Assuming they need an initial 1-2 yrs of assessment before adjusting the mid career ppl to their correct level / original pay scale?
I think MOE is very transparent about that. If you leave pte sector to join them, be prepared for massive pay cut in return for supposed job security.

My suggestion to you is if you are old already and still hung up about pay and promotions, MOE is not the place for you. You just end up getting frustrated as your peers keep pulling further ahead of you. As a rule of thumb, most teachers do not make it past SGEO 1, i.e. the max pay you will likely get on retirement at 62 in present dollars is 8k+.

Go in with your eyes open and be realistic about pay.

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