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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Married with 2 primary school kids
Late 30s, thinking of retirement. Own 1 shop house, 1 condo and 800k portfolio of stocks
Passive income per month of $16,000
Some mortgage left, hoping to pay off in a few years
Thinking of either looking for a part time job or doing something I have interest in next year. There is more to life than money.
Go for it. You have enough to retire. Do something that's meaningful in your life. Save the poor. Help the destitute. I retired when I hit 40, with passive income of $6k pm, with no liabilities (i figured out that a passive income of $6k pm is equivalent to $10k pm of active income if you spend $4k pm in paying off your debt). Lead a simple, happy life. I spend my days working out in my humble D9 condo gym and volunteers in charities. I have enough of the corporate world nonsense.
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