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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
someone said 5 yrs exp and 3.4K,
and u all saying he should be happy?

No offense to the posters, we are anonymous. but that sounds really low, especially because i thought govt pay pretty high compared to private sector for degree holders in early career and who are not in the upper leagues, but just "regular folk" who comprise the drones in MNCs large and small, and SMCs.
agreed that 3.4k for 5 years exp is pretty low.
he should be placed in MX12.
based on my estimate, in the civil service:
pass degree, management exec - 2800
2 years NS - 360
5 years non relevant exp - 800

that would total up to about 3960.
then again, his agency is a stat board, which has their own HR policies.
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