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must also know which kopitiam blacklist to siam, newbies always kana caught when the office supervisor raid.
In terms of career progression, there are plenty of opportunities for growth and development.

In short, There will be 2 specialist tracks for shortlisted officers:

1. watch-water specialist (看水-传家)

This group of specialist will be deployed at strategic corners of various kopi tiam to help the duty team "watch water". They are not watching for litterbugs, they will be watching out for the district supervisor who will patrol regularly. In short, The main task of watch water specialist is to alert the team on how to tactical movement out of the kopitiam AWAY from the prying eyes of the district supervisor. The mission of this specialist is to allow the officers a peace of mind will LIM-ing kopi at the kopitiam.

2. run-road specialist (跑路-传家)

This specialist will be trained to stay alert in the car while waiting for the escaping specialist who had been slacking at the kopitiam. When all the escaping specialist have boarded the car he will speed off as far as possible from the district supervisor.
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