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Originally Posted by Hermit View Post
I am sure you are feeling better once you left the job.

Women are not good bosses generally as they like to micro-manage.

The lousier ones use politics and PR skills to compensate for lack of technical knowledge.

I had a female boss once. But she was one of those who think and act like a man. So it worked out well for me.
The micro-manage part is not that bad if the staff are inexperience. The worse is being so "meticulous" that they pick up the small 5ct 10ct first, then they pick up the big picture. Waste their staff time with 5ct 10ct, when the big issues havent resolve.

Some are genuinely brilliant, some appear brilliant cos of experience. If you learn the ropes fast enough, you gain the experience they have, then you will start seeing some flaws in their reasoning and decision making and disagree. That is when they start hating you and making life difficult for you.

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