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does anyone know the rank of E-4 in ST? I Was talking to one of my friends over coffee and we kinda were having a heated discussion pertaining to rank structure. Can anyone advised what "Rank" is E-4 with regards to qualifications and promotion prospects?
ST mean Singtel or ST engineering? Anyway both are GLC, government linked company, they follow the same rank structure.

E4 rank is basically for poly grad as "assistant engineer" or "engineering assistant', thus the pay should be 1.5k to 2.5k range.

E5 - for fresh degree grad, as engineer, 2.5k to 3.8k range, on average 3 year to hit E6

E6 - senior engineer, 3k to 4.5k range, on average 3 years to hit M1

M1 - assistant principal engineer, 4k to 5.5k range

M2 - assistant principal engineer, 4.5k to 7k range

M3- principle engineer, salary i dunno, more than 5k to 10k

M4/M5/M6 - senior principal engineer/senior manager/director of dept 6k to 12k ??

G1/G2/G3 - dy chief engineer/chief engineer/asst GM/ dy GM/VP...etc

should be like that!!!! is approx value!!!

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